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What are Tickets Galore's store hours?
Currently we are open By Appointment Only. We do offer hours during The Memorial Golf Tournament. Check here for those hours

What if the event I choose decides to continue without fans due to Covid?
If an event is cancelled without a new date, or changes to playing without fans in attendance, you will receive a full refund.

Does charge extra service charges above the price shown on your site?
No. The price does not change after putting tickets into the cart, unlike on most other sites. We show you the full price up front and only add a delivery charge if you choose to have your tickets shipped.

Is Tickets Galore like Ticketmaster?
No, not really. We both sell tickets, but we are very different. Ticketmaster works for the venues and promoters to distribute their tickets. Tickets Galore works for you; to find you premium tickets to popular events in Central Ohio.

Why does Tickets Galore charge above the face value of tickets?
Our costs for obtaining tickets are always related to the market demand. At times we may pay many times the original face value to obtain tickets that are in high demand. Other times we may purchase tickets at a small price over the face value and then we may sell them for prices closer to the face value. In some cases we are in a position to actually sell you tickets at below the face value. The amount you pay for your tickets relates to the cost of obtaining them.

How does Tickets Galore get their tickets?
Tickets Galore puts their capital at risk daily by purchasing tickets from Season Ticket Holders, conventional public sales, and soliciting through advertising. We also utilize our network of national contacts to provide you with premium tickets even when your event is "sold-out". The hot topic in the ticket industry right now is about automated software that circumvents Ticketmaster's security systems or otherwise give an unfair advantage to its user. Tickets Galore DOES NOT use anything like this to acquire tickets. Even though we feel the reports of this practice are exaggerated, we are sure that these software programs exist in some form and believe that they are unfair to consumers.

What are Mobile Tickets?
Most events have gone to Mobile ticketing. The ticket is displayed on your phone and grants you entry into your event just like traditional tickets did. Typically, you will receive an email or text with a link to accept the tickets you purchase from us. As you follow that link you will likely be prompted to sign in (or create an account if it’s your first time attending that event). After that, the tickets are registered in your name and you are ready to go! If you have any questions about this process, we can walk you through it and make sure you have your tickets.

If you have any questions about how our service works, please contact us.