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Tickets Galore, Inc. (online at is an independent ticket service, we are not associated with any venue, team, university, or ticketing company such as Ticketmaster. The price of our tickets reflects our cost in obtaining hard to find tickets and seats to sold out events. We sell tickets at “market” value, which is often above face value when dealing with popular events.

Our 100% Guarantee: Tickets Galore Inc./ guarantees all tickets we sell to be legitimate and will grant you entry into the event you purchase or your money back.

NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, or CANCELLATIONS on any order once it is submitted to us. By submitting your request/order on this web site you are agreeing to make a purchase and are obligated to the payment of that purchase. The policy is necessary because many times your order triggers us making a ticket purchase for you. When we secure the tickets you order, we become obligated to that purchase as well. This policy is not intended for cancelled events (see below). If you are unsure about a purchase you want to make, please contact us by phone at 614-889-2989.

Cancelled Events: If your event is cancelled you will have the option of a store credit to be used for another event of your choice, or a full refund. This is also the case if an event proceeds without fans, or if an event limits attendance in such a way that the tickets you purchased get cancelled. If an event is postponed the tickets will be honored for the new date of the show. New tickets will not need to be issued. If you cannot make the new date, we will accept the tickets back from you on a consignment basis only. If the tickets do not sell, they will be sent back to you.

Accuracy of Schedules (event dates, locations, and start times) listed on this site should be considered reliable, but not guaranteed. You should check local media sources to verify.

Event Changes: Please realize that Tickets Galore has no control over changes in venue, date or start time. We strongly recommend that you ALWAYS CHECK LOCAL MEDIA SOURCES THE WEEK OF THE EVENT TO CONFIRM START TIMES.

Ticket Availability/Price: Because we are dealing with many different sources, tickets cannot be sold in real time. We do our best to constantly update the web site with ticket availability to make it as accurate as possible. However, prices and availability are extremely subject to change. This is especially true in the days or even the couple weeks preceding an event. The same tickets can drop or increase dramatically in price within hours. Most events do not have this kind of volatility, but it can happen. We will provide you with information on any changes when your order is processed or upon request. If the tickets you are requesting are no longer available, we will always attempt to find a replacement that is comparable in location and price.

You will receive an email notifying you that we have received your request immediately after you submit your order for tickets. This does not confirm ticket availability or prices. It only indicates that your request has been submitted.

Ticket Location Descriptions are often listed along with the section and row. Please know that these are the descriptions from our source for that set of tickets. As such, it is the opinion of an individual and not a guarantee. Please refer to the seating charts to confirm seat locations.

Shipping Tickets: (Most tickets cannot be shipped and are electronic delivery) If an event has traditional, hard stock tickets, and you select to have your tickets delivered, keep in mind a signature is required to receive the package. In most cases UPS will be delivering your package. Keep this in mind when ordering tickets to an event that is within a few days. We cannot be responsible for failed delivery attempts because no one is home, or for packages that are not picked up from UPS. If you are unsure if there is enough time to receive tickets, please call our office.

Mobile Tickets: Most events have gone to Mobile ticketing. The ticket is displayed on your phone and grants you entry into your event just like traditional tickets did. Typically, you will receive an email or text with a link to accept the tickets you purchase from us. As you follow that link you will likely be prompted to sign in (or create an account if it’s your first time attending that event). After that, the tickets are registered in your name and you are ready to go! If you have any questions about this process, we can walk you through it and make sure you have your tickets.

After you receive your tickets make sure you know your password for the app that holds tickets for that event. We also recommend, when available, storing your tickets in the Apple or Google wallet as a backup. Also, you should check your tickets to ensure they are for the correct event, seat location and quantity.

Pre-orders: For many events, such as the Super Bowl, the tickets are not distributed until just before the event. We are however able to secure orders months in advance, so you can plan on attending the event. What we do in this case is take a non-refundable deposit and secure the tickets that you are looking for at a set price. At that point, the order is guaranteed and so is the price. If the order is not guaranteed, you will always be informed of that at the time of the order. All deposits are non-refundable.

Email Newsletter: By submitting your order you will also be signed up for our free email newsletter. We use a permission based emailing system that allows you to safely unsubscribe at any time if you no longer wish to receive our emails. We never sell your information to any third parties.

Orders placed after 4:00PM EST weekdays or on weekends may not be processed until the next Business day. If the tickets you request are no longer available, you will not be charged.

You are agreeing to and accepting the terms and conditions above by completing your ticket request. This form replaces a credit card slip and acts as you signature and promise for payment. You are authorizing use of your credit card for this purchase.